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Thread: Cat uses Pangolin....

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    Default Cat uses Pangolin....

    ...t shirt as a bed. I foolishly left my wardrobe door open enough for both of my cats to sneak in one after the other and set up a bed on my new unworn Pango t shirt from the meet on Sunday. I dunno why they choose black as thier favorite bed colour but they do. Now I gotta get the tape out to de-fur the shirt before use....I should know better by now.

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    well is IS a CAT they are out to make our lives as misery and then flump ontop of the stairs all cute for us to forgive them and feed them.... but you just gotta love how they find the worst place to be and setup camp there and then act innocent... there just a neccicary evil because nothing beats a cat to come love up to you sit on your lap and rip your leg to shreads after a bad day

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