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Thread: Analog blanking in lumax usb.Pin?

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    Default Analog blanking in lumax usb.Pin?

    I have new analog blanking dpss green laser 1W.
    Mi past laser all in ttl...

    For analog blanking green i use pin 6 and 19 (ttl) or are present in ilda pin connection for analog?? Use blanking/intensiti (3 and 16pin)??

    scuse me for my little english..


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    pin 6 is your GREEN +
    pin 19 is GREEN -

    for analog color control. 0-5V

    you would not use 3 and 16 for analog control of lasers.

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    Actually, if he only has a single green laser, he *does* want to use the intensity + signal on pin 3. That way the laser will be on for all colors, not just green.


    Is this a green-only projector? And what software are you using?

    If it *is* a green-only projector, then the standard method is to connect the positive blanking lead on the laser to pin # 3 on the ILDA connector, and then connect the negative or ground lead on the laser to pin 25 on the ILDA connector.

    This will allow you to have analog control of the green laser, but the laser will be on no matter which color the ILDA frame was drawn in. (For example, if you have a frame that has red, yellow, blue, and green lines in it, *all* those lines will be drawn in green if you use this method.)

    If you try to wire your laser to the green color signal (Pin # 6), then your laser will only be on whenever the ILDA frame is trying to draw a green line (or a line that has some green in it). It will be off whenever you are displaying other colors.

    Now, some software packages will allow you to map the red and blue signals to green to solve this problem. If that is the case, then you don't need to re-wire your projector - you can leave the positive blanking lead hooked up to the Green + signal (pin 6) and connect the negative blanking lead to ILDA ground (pin 25). But in the future, remember that the intensity signal is a lot easier to use. (No software settings to mess with.)

    Also, when connecting your laser's blanking wires to the ILDA connector, the ground lead should always be connected to pin 25. The Intensity - pin (# 16) is only designed for use if you have a laser with INVERTED blanking.

    Likewise, in the case of a 3-laser RGB unit, the Red - (pin 18), Green - (pin 19) and Blue - (pin 20) signals are also for inverted blanking. If you connect the ground lead from the laser's blanking circuit to these negative pins, you are actually sending a differential signal (20 volts Peak-to-Peak) to the laser's blanking circuit. But the blanking circuit isn't expecting a differential signal, it's expecting zero to + 5 volts only. To achive this, your negative blanking leads on all three of your lasers should be connected to pin 25 on the ILDA connector. (Don't worry - you will still have full analog color control.)


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