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Thread: Solution for beams >/=6mm

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    Default Solution for beams >/=6mm


    Last year i have build a hight power redlaser with 8 diodes @200 mW = 1.4-1.5W (with losses).
    Problem is the beam diameter : around 5.5-6mm with excellent divergence (0.8mrad).

    When i use the beam on my scanners, i loose 50% of the optical output power, because the mirrors are not large : 6 x 11mm and accept max 4mm when they are turn on 45...
    I have find this problem when test with power-meter (we discover a lot of problems and losses when we buy a power-meter )

    One solution consist to use a telescope, but with all lenses that i have test, quality of beam isn't very good after short distance...
    I would have 1mrad for my 3 colors : 445/532/658nm

    where it is possible to buy larger mirrors for scanners, like 8 x 12mm ?
    I use the laserworld "45K" scanners set.

    thanks for informations (and sorrry for my bad english)

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    One Stop Laser Shop from what I hear has got mirrors for everything... Try contacting them. They are OSLS on the forums.

    Just out of curiosity, where did you buy this red and how much did you pay?


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    Hi Radiums,

    PR will soon be offering scanners with larger mirrors that should work for your application. I tested some late last year, and recommended they make some changes (as I almost always do). So there will be a low cost solution to this at some point in the relatively near future.

    If you need something TODAY, then I recommend Cambridge model 6215 scanners with mirrors for 6mm aperture and their 671 high power amps. This kind of configuration will cost you close to $2500, but it is well worth it. The scanners are bullet proof and you could conceivably get 60K!! graphics out of this kind of configuration. We know, because we purchase perhaps 30 systems like this each year.

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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    Thank you, it seems that the One Stop Laser Shop mirrors can work in my application, i will send a mail.

    I bought these diodes with a german supplier, but the prices was expensive than today (>100/diode)

    It's right that cambridge' scanners are very good and perfect in my application, size of mirror are designed with hight speed performances.
    The "laserworld" 45K scanners are just in a fisrt time, in a near future i will change them to CT scanners.

    To couple 6 reddiodes is the maximum without telescope or larger mirrors, 3H and 3V with a cube. it produces arround 4x4mm beams when adjustment is perfect.
    With 8 diodes it's really a problem...quality of beam can be good when use kepleain telescope, with large focal distance. There is unfortunely no space on my system (relativ compact projector)
    For shortly telescope, we need use a kepleain telescope but they are some diffractions around the beam after short distance, it's the reason that i prefer loose speed on the scanners and conserve a hight quality beam spot.

    best regards,

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