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Thread: Old Grumpy can't post!

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    Exclamation Old Grumpy can't post!

    Sending this out on behalf of Andre Tertling (OldGrumpy), because he's having difficulty posting to the forums.

    If you need to get in touch with Andre, you might want to send him an E-mail. Right now he can't post, and he's not getting notifications when people reply to his older posts. You can reach him at his last name @ if you need to. (Broken apart to foil the spam bots!)

    I've left a message for Robert to look into it, but he's unavailable at the moment.


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    Everything fixed again - yet the email notifications are dead slow I'll try to visit more often

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    Interesting you mention the notifications being slow. I've been getting email notifications from threads I checked weeks ago. I just got an email for a PM I received over the weekend.


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    I disabled the MailQueue system here that was designed to lessen the load on the server. That *should* make all notifications issued by the server to be sent out immediately.

    *If* there is still a delay, notify me and I'll get more aggressive with the server settings. Ive got some extra rope to play with since I modified the PHP5 and MYSQL settings.

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