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Thread: 660 nm DPSS lasers: do they exist?

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    Default 660 nm DPSS lasers: do they exist?

    There is a question that I have been unable to get a definitive answer to, and I thought that you guys might be able to help.

    Some time ago, I noticed that a company ( was selling a 660 nm laser that is supposed to output 300+ mW. The beam specs are very good (1.5 mrad at 1.5 mm), so I suspected that it was a DPSS laser that uses a frequency-doubled 1,320 nm beam. (Diode lasers usually have far worse specs.)

    However, users from other forums (CPF, LPF, and Spectra Forum) said that it was a diode laser and told me that 660 nm DPSS lasers currently don't exist. The specs seem too good for a diode laser, but then again, has been reported to be a "shady" company.

    I'm inclined to go with what the other users are saying, but Viasho, a well-reputed manufacturer, claims to sell 660 nm DPSS lasers.

    So do 660 nm DPSS lasers exist after all?

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    Viasho do have 660nm DPSS red laser,but the power is around 15 watt.

    But it's not a CW Laser,it's QCW.
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