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Thread: FLEM Mark II LIVE WEBCAMS (link)

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    Exclamation FLEM Mark II LIVE WEBCAMS (link)

    Hey guys! Our fearless leader (Spec) has set up a special page where you can watch all the laser action at FLEM Mark II.

    (Warning: You'll want to set your screen resolution to 1280x1024 so you can see all three cameras.)

    None of the cameras are live right now, but as they come on line, the video will automatically pop up.

    The one on the left is DZ's camera, the middle one is Allthatwhichis' camera, and the one on the right is mine.

    The fourth window just below Allthatwhichis' window (the small one in the center) is an audio-only window that will be used for the master audio feed for all three cameras. (We'll probably have audio disabled on the three camera windows so you don't have 3 competing audio feeds that are all slightly out of sync.)

    Below that is a chat window that you can use to talk to us.

    So check it out! We'll be live on-line starting at around 11:00 AM Eastern time on Saturday, March 1st! (Allthatwhichis may be live in the evenings between now and then as well, just to test the system. DZ may also go live from time to time before the event, also in the evenings.)

    If you want to see how we're doing this, check out That's the site we're using to handle the video feeds. (If you search for "DZ" or "Allthatwhichis" or "Buffo" on that site, you'll be able to pull up our individual show pages and see some pre-recorded clips of our lasers from past shows.)

    Cool eh?


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    With the current time difference between Orlando and the UK that will make it from about 16:00 onwards on Saturday for us UK Bods.

    Looking forward to it ..........

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    Indeed - the night it was being tested was a bunch of fun! I look forward to being there by means of the internet!

    My birthday is March 26th - anyone going to throw a live BD feed up for me? LOL just joking -


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