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Thread: LD2000 Version 4.50 Now Shipping !!

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    Thumbs up LD2000 Version 4.50 Now Shipping !!

    Just noticed that LD2000 is now shipping , seems like we have to wait a short while for the download though


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    WOW! I love that tiny PC they're now selling - that thing is awesome and might just be what I'm looking for.

    BUT! If you buy it configured with the solid state memory (such as compact flash, etc) remember not to put a Windows Page file on it - constant access to the memory module will kill it within a month or so... Or so I've heard.

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    Yeah... Flash memory has a maximum number of write cycles before it fails. Generally the memory cells themselves are rated for around 10,000 cycles. However, due to wear leveling technology (where data is moved around so that all cells are written roughly equally, even if it means moving data that hasn't changed from one cell to another so that the original cell can be re-written), the devices normally last fairly long.

    But you should never use a flash-memory device as cache or virtual ram. That will eat up the write cycles very quickly and the device will fail in short order.


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