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Thread: Newbie (n00b!) forum?

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    I agree.... for us newbies this would be great, especially if it was in sections.
    What if 'you' experts picked a specific area of interest to start it off people could ADD factual stuff NOT discussion info ...just the facts...

    Alternatively or as well ... start a glossary of terms WITH pics to start us off.
    This would be excellent.

    Quote Originally Posted by soforene View Post
    I fancy the wiki idea.
    • What is a dichro?
    • What exactly does DPSS mean?
    • How fast can scanners go?
    • Why is Bill Benner such a Laser God?
    All this and much more needs to be answered for us wet behind the ears pups in one location, not many stickied threads !!

    Move toward the light!

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    • What is a dichro? A kind of bird.
    • What exactly does DPSS mean? Something you do in a bathroom.
    • How fast can scanners go? Depends on how many amps of current you use.
    • Why is Bill Benner such a Laser God? Well which is he? Laser God or Conan the Barbarian?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DZ View Post
    • Why is Bill Benner such a Laser God? Well which is he? Laser God or Conan the Barbarian?
    Or Conan the O'Brian, even!


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    Why is Bill Benner such a Laser God?
    'Cause he knows where all the good restaurants are... trust me I now know this for a fact!!


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    Cool Sounds good

    I like the newbie forum idea. It would stop idiots like me posting dumb questions and felling embarrassed. However if it were a forum not a Wiki it would need experienced members to help us out.
    My friends say I'm mad , I suppose they're not wrong !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loonatic View Post
    ...if it were a forum .... it would need experienced members to help us out.
    Hmmm.. Where are we gonna get some of them then?

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    Default Google Tricks...

    I have found it useful to use a trick on google (advanced dork extension on firefox will give you a list of commands too) <search term>. I find that this usually is quicker than actually using the forum search to find what I want.

    A tip and a trick, but I understand the reasoning behind the newbie section. What I don't like too much about newbie sections is the many DID YOU READ THE STICKY you !@#$%^&& posts when anybody asks a question. I suppose that means I like the wiki idea better than I do a postable n00b section.

    Here you go you can search the n00b forum (laserpointerforums) photon lexicon or a bunch of other sites, yes I did make it because I got tired of using <searchterm> any ad revenue will be dontated to PL.

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    yep that would be COOL , us thickos need to learn , and from what i've seen on this site you lot WITH all the tech stuff like to help us mere mortals , i would love to see this have its own page ,would save ME and others asking you guys the same question that you have heard a TRILLION TIMES BEFORE .
    would be nice if there was a set group of the mods who are willing to help us out , not knocking the rest of you guys but as i said it gets boring if you've heard the same question a million times !i still get mates asking about stuff that was 2/3 years ago and it is a pain ,but if theres a newbie page where you guys could show/guide us ,we would be sooooooooooooo gratefull.; Karl T

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    See, there is a mistake in that thinking... There is no group of moderators... There isn't one moderator here. Only Spec, the Admin. And he mainly plays in the back house of things. We are self moderated, so ask away. Or use the search link... As I am sure you have seen, most of us like to talk too much as it is.

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    I agree a n00b forum would be excellent or a wiki site!!
    - instinct

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