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Thread: Run 2 custom laser barrels.

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    Default Run 2 custom laser barrels.

    Well, as you know the first group buy was a phenomenal success if not completely finished. (Drivers be the only thing we wait for.) We've all seen now the quality product that I tried to convey, albeit unsuccessfully, with mere words. Now that we've all had a chance to see what they entail, I'm changing them a bit and offering them up for your review and ultimate purchase. This time I'm armed with more than words. I've also got 3d renderings of how the barrels will look for the second run. Not many changes to be honest. Some functional, some esthetics.

    The product:
    Same as before, in that it's a laser barrel with a direct press fitting diode (that you will have to provide) Optics that screw right into the head, FINS ON THE HEAD FOR ADDITIONAL COOLING, driver included, lens included, retaining ring for clicky included, clicky and tailcap included, spring for driver assembly included, and aperature cover included. These will also run off cr123, rcr123 protected and non, and 18650's protected and non. One size fits all. These will also be anodized and cleaned up as far as buffing and whatnot. I will also offer up a portion of the barrels un-anodized for those that like to do thier own finishing (this will be VERY limited)

    Asking price has gone up to include additional milling and lathe work on the barrels, anodizing, and additional parts, but considering this will still have everything you need to make a functional laser with the exception of a laser diode and batteries it's still a good price. $50 per unit. shipping and handling is unfortunetly extra. $5 for U.S. customer, and $15 for international (sucks I know but I don't set that price usps does.) Shipping and handling is combined to a certain point and then it goes up. for orders over 5 barrels the price for shipping increases for U.S. customers to $8.95 and international $35 These are flat rate priority boxes and will take a fairly large amount of barrels in them.

    I'll also be offering up another option to include a different driver. Dr. Lava has been busy toiling away making a switching driver that according to his last report is 85-90% efficient, no dimming as the batteries sag, makes for longer run time on batteries (50% longer),ramp startup that is easy on diodes so no blown diodes as a result of spikes, and works with both red and bluray diodes burner or non. It's unfortunetly a bit more for this particular driver, but worth every penny in my humble opinion. price increase would be $12 for lava's driver.

    To those with keen eyes you will notice 4 grooves running down the length of the barrel. This is a groove that a round rubber insert will be placed for 3 purposes. 1. grip. Added rubber to the barrel will make for a more sure grip. 2. prevent rolling. Stops when it strikes a protruded rubber bumper. 3. Esthetics. Makes it look better to have something to break up the monotony of a plain flat finished barrel.

    Now to the eye candy!!!

    Interested persons may voice thier interest and I'll keep track till payment page can be setup.

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    Interested Parties:

    interested parties:
    xarylx (lpf) - 1
    Bluefusion (lpf) - 2
    Scog (lpf) - 2
    RoSSco (lpf) - 1
    Archane (lpf) - 2
    pwnstar (lpf) - 1
    Zane (PL) - 4
    tocket (PL) - 2
    Chad (SF) - 1
    Lorgar (LE) - 2
    Danielbriggs (LE) - 1
    z000z (lpf) - 2
    danq (lpf) - 2
    happytomato (lpf) - 1
    Noiseboy (PL) - 1
    flecom (PL) - 2

    Total = 27
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    Nice- sign me up for 4

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    Looks very nice! I'm interested in 2 with dr lava's driver. What are their dimensions?

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    the dimensions of the driver or the barrels?

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    Well, the barrel. Driver dimensions don't matter as long as it fits, but I assume it does.

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    can you put me down for 1 with dr lava`s driver please

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    Dimensions are as follows.
    154.87mm length (little over 6 inches)
    23mm diameter (.906")
    Head alone is 11.83mm from top of threads to top.
    tail section is 25.44mm from top of threads to bottom
    battery section is 116.12mm
    inside diameter of battery chamber will fit 18650 at 18.23mm

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    a few moore details on the lavadrive2 option:

    Input voltage range: 2.4-5.5V
    Output voltage range: 2.8-5.25V
    Output current range: selectable 30-200mA (low), 200-600mA (high) ranges set by resistor, adjustable with a pot.

    The dimensions are not finalised, but it will be as small as possible to fit many applications.

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    wow this is nice, sign me up for 2

    what size diode is this designed for?

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