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    Betty from Bejing just emailed me on the fourth that they will be organizing a group buy for focusable 125mw PGL 100 and I can't wait.

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    Will it pop a balloon?

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    ask dr. lava they told me he was organizing it. I expect if its as good as the 200 review it might put out up to like 200 first 30 seconds.

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    I think these will be the lasers that couldn't quite make the 200mW group buy, which had a standard of being able to achieve at least 220mW for 30 seconds upon powerup. Being the focusable units, they will have a diverse range of uses, one of them being able to 'pop baloons'. Look for this upon the completion of the current GB, but it won't be advertised here very much due to not fitting the general interests, look for it on LPF and CPF.

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    She said the quote was for 230 which is a deal, how much will it be in the GB I wonder

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