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    Hi All

    Excellent forum!!!
    First recorded show in this year (second for last three years ) - always at the "console".
    Two 5X4m water screens on each side of central video screen & 2X3 Watt RGB.
    The "Car of Year" in Ukraine, part of show same as on YouTube but better quality.

    P.S. I like 3DSMax + LCMax + Lasers + ...


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    Welcome to the forum. I must request that you enlighten us on the construction of water screens. This seems to be the one disipline we are missing here on PL. Now I'll go watch that video.
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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    I know about water screens not much: one section of two meters in length, contains up to 300 nozzles, also requires 1~2 kW water pump.

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    I don't know I still prefere theatrical scrim. So much less pain installing. We said no to Gas lasers but we still need 3 phase 40Amp per phase and we still need a running water. Whata irony.
    I hired an Italian guy to do my wires. Now they look like spaghetti!

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