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Thread: Laser Projector Enclosures!

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    Hi Guys,

    I am after some pre-fabricated projector enclosures for some new heads i'm building. They need to be big enough to house a 1000mw CNI Diode, Galvos and Amps, Idealy with a hanging brakcet to.

    Laser Visuals did a perfect case for this application, however, they no longer sell them,- UNLESS you order at least 10 or more.

    Does anyone know where Icould obtain some cases from at a reasonable price? Idealy with the cut-outs already on the back for 25 DSUB, IEC, Key Interlock etc?

    Otherwise, would anyone be up for a group but on the Laser visuals cases? bought in bulk they work out at 85+ VAT each, we would want four, so that leaves 6 to sell....


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    Send a PM to mark ( fluff ) here on PL

    he was selling cases at the UK meet

    all the best ... Karl

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    thanks Karl

    Will do

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    I have set up my shop to make custom scanner enclosures. I will offer PhotonLexicon users a 35% discount from the normal prices!! My standards for enclosures is very high and I am sure you will be satisified. I make sure that the design is well planned and thought out. I then use only the finest plywood from Home Depot to make the enclosures. And, to make sure that the internals are well insulated and shock-proof, I have a contact with OfficeMax so that I can buy the very best styrofoam packing peanuts available! I fill each enclosure with these syrofoam peanuts so that you will never have to worry about things shorting out or jiggling around in there.

    Anyway, if interested, send me a PM.

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    I am intressted!

    Pangolin FB3 QS/LivePro/SMS2Laser
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