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Thread: Where to find best scanner set in europe ?

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    Default Where to find best scanner set in europe ?

    Hi all, lasermaniacs !

    I've (or better, i've to assemble, is not mine ) a couple of 6800HP and a HB apollo IV driver board (than works well but not so performant as i thought).
    I've basically 2 problems.
    - Low performance on scanner (18-20k @ 20)
    - Lot of power lost out of scanner set : we are using now 3 Dpss module (RGB) and beam diameter is too large.

    So, i've read about the cambridge 6215 with 671 amp board for best performance.
    Who resell this product in Europe, or can ship to italy ?

    Thank you.


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    Hi Andrew,

    Swisslas sells the CT6215HB with Drivers (60kpps @7.5degrees ILDA)

    Just contact them, maybe they ship to italy. > Produkte > Scanner


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    You could drop Mark (fluff) a PM he has CT 6800 and CT6215 scanners and drivers for sale.
    Last time on ebay the 6800's were 500 for the set and 6215's were 750 all in and brand new.
    Here is his ebay shop - none listed at the moment but he does have some so drop him a line

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    You could try George at as he has made driver boards for CT Scanners. George dose very little with laser systems now-a-days but he is the man who created the PM 20, PM21, PM 22 and PM 25 controllers plus a couple of laser projectors. He may have some driver boards in stock still. you will have to ask about compatabilty with your scanners.

    Good look


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