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Thread: US Army using lasers on 'bad drivers'

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    Default US Army using lasers on 'bad drivers'

    (the video has already been pulled from this link, if anyone else knows where it's gone, please post the new link! However, the article is still there)

    So, someone's driving towards you and you dazzle them with a laser....

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    "Military convoys typically use a combination of fast driving, warning shoots and suppression fire to get out of tricky situations."

    Typical American drivers then .........

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    This is kind of close to home for me, since Uncle Sam is my current employer...

    All jokes and tabloid-style web postings aside, please keep in mind that this laser system is a non-lethal option for ALL our boys and gals in the military to use - US, British, Australian, etc. These guys on the ground are having to deal with VERY intense situations, where some fanatic driving a vehicle with intentions of blowing up a convoy or checkpoint looks no different than someone who just happens to be in the area driving with their family. Using this non-lethal, TEMPORARILY-blinding laser system gives our guys and gals an option to use to possibly diffuse a situation before bullets start flying.

    Just my 10 cents worth...

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    I would agree - flash blinding people is a much better alternative. To top it all off - I wouldn't use that source for news. I just read a report that 85% of people with the iPhone are reportedly surfing the web....... ok - why is this news? That is one of the key features of the phone.

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    ill be honest with ya....

    our guys and gals over there should use any and all means necessary to stay safe. i dont car eif its lasers, bullets, smoke signals or flowers! i couldnt imagine being in a situation like that.

    scarey, scarey shit that us "normal" civilian people cant comprehend from watching a movie or news report.

    i give them ALL the UTMOST respect...

    (sorry, kinda went off on a rant...)

    the laser (from my memory) is VERY wide. i think the beam was like 5" wide at "average driving distances." i remember seeing a report on it about a year ago.

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