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Thread: Info menu in MambaBlack can be better

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    Lightbulb Info menu in MambaBlack can be better


    Over the last 4 years I gathered a lot of MambaBlack shows.
    Sometimes it's not quite clear who made a particular show, and more important, what music file is used for this, the length of the audio, .....
    In MambaBlack you can edit the Show Info menu, but that's often a mess.
    And how often you got a lasershow without audio and have to search the whole internet to find the file?

    Maybe its nice to brainstorm about the minimum items that should be mentioned in that Show Info field!

    I was thinking about the following items that a really necessary for every show (in bold):
    (words in italic is an example and can change ofcourse)

    Show name: Hey St Peter
    Show type: Beamshow
    Show software: MambaBlack V1.61 and up
    Show creator: Th. De Buhr
    Show free from rights: Yes

    Audio title: Hey St Peter (radio edit)
    Audio artist: The Disco Boys
    Audio album: Hey St Peter Vol1
    Audio duration: 3:19min

    Used projectors: RGB
    Used satalites: none
    Used scanspeed: 20Kpps

    Misc: This show won the first price at Lasertreffen 2006 Germany. For more info about the show please send an email to ......


    It's just an example ofcourse. If you have better ideas, please post them.
    It would also be nice if these items are listed automatically in Mamba when editing this Info menu. In this way you won't forget to fill it in. Is this possible, Old Grumpy?

    Xx Audrey

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    Hi Audrey
    I answered this post yesterday but for some reason its not shown up!????

    Anyway I think your suggestion is a brillaint one and I think your list of feilds is comprehensive enough and I cant think of any more to add. My only suggestions would be that only the original creator could edit the information and that some key facts such as the author of the show and the type of show and projector its designed for could be displayed on the title or status bars for all to see.

    Lets hope this is a possibility - Andre comments please.

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    Audrey - I agree this is a great idea, it would be a nice standard for the industry.


    EDIT: Regarding your signature - I think you are the last one here, hopefully we wont run you off

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    I will add that type of thing to Spaghetti. Thanks for the suggestion even though it wasnt directed to me.

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