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Thread: More fun with the Pangolin Winamp visualizer plugin...

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    Default More fun with the Pangolin Winamp visualizer plugin...

    I've come up with another way to use the Winamp visualizer plugin that takes the audio "line in" concept in a slightly different direction...

    Say, for example, that in addition to your "graphic creativity" with lasers, you're also a budding musician that uses your computer to create music with software synthesizers, effects and MIDI sequencers. Using this software, you could use the audio output from the soundcard to directly trigger the Winamp visualizer plugin, and run everything from one computer!

    For this to work, you'll need a soundcard with drivers and software that let you select the sound-generating side of the soundcard as the recording source. (I'm using a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi; that particular recording input selection is called "What you hear" under the Creative mixer software). Additionally, you'll of course need the Winamp player with the "line-in" plugin (should come with Winamp - the stock plugin seems to actually respond quicker for this particular use. I'm using the latest version from the web site), and the Pangolin Winamp plugin that is appropriate for your laser software (I'm using LivePRO USB with my Flashback 3 card, and the Winamp LivePRO plugin).

    Make sure all your normal audio outputs are set up and working correctly, then set up your soundcard's recording mixer as mentioned. Activate Winamp, the Pangolin visualizer plugin, and the "Line In" plugin. (NOTE - for the "line in" plugin to work, it must be highlighted and active on Winamp's playlist. When the plugin is working properly, Winamp's digital displays will increment just as if a media file were playing, even if sound is not being played through Winamp). Turn the audio slider on Winamp ALL THE WAY DOWN so you don't generate feed-back echo going to your speakers - Winamp should just be supplying the audio sync to your laser software, and NOT the audio output to your speakers!

    Now, use your software synthesizers, effects and MIDI sequencers (or, for testing purposes, any other media application other than Winamp - Windows media player works fine) - and start syncing lasers and computer-generated music! You may need to tweak the levels on the Pangolin plugin and mixer recorder sliders to get things where you need them - just be sure to leave the Winamp player audio slider ALL the way down!

    Here'a an additional advantage for folks using MIDI sequencers and LivePRO - most recent sequencer packages allow you to very precisely synchronize imported audio files with MIDI events. Since virtually eveything in LivePRO can be MIDI controlled, you could sync your laser show with the same software you use for your custom musical performance, without having to export your MIDI and audio files to a laser show package such as Showrider! Set up your zones and cues under LivePRO, then trigger everything with MIDI ouputs from your sequencer package!

    Ain't it cool...
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