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Thread: Laser Visuals Hasp Aladdin Licensce Key Dongle

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    Default Laser Visuals Hasp Aladdin Licensce Key Dongle

    Hi Guy`s

    Is It Possible to use this key with a USB to Parrallel cable ?

    Or adaptor ...

    I have been useing this Key with a Laptop that had the Printer Port.

    I now have a much faster `Modern Laptop` & with all the modern laptop`s the printer / parrallel port is not fitted.


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    It depends to an extent which USB converter you are using, (although most are based around the same chipset), but the parallel port dongle should work via a USB->Parallel converter in most instances.

    Contact us directly (which is generally the fastest way to get support), and we can see about swapping over you dongle for an alternative licence instead.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

    James Stewart
    Laser Visuals Limited

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