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Thread: Bjork! Mork! Dork! York! Quark! Tour! Zork! Pork! Spork! ORC!!!

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    Default Bjork! Mork! Dork! York! Quark! Tour! Zork! Pork! Spork! ORC!!!

    You don't understand... I had to... Really... An uncontrollable force compelled me to "Cheferize" the board...

    Don't think so? Well... My original "Master plan" was to replace all the board's here with new ones for the sole purpose of discussing "retardo-smile" *and* replace all the board images with varied sizes and styles of said image...

    Heres my *original* .plan:

    Add a "Stop drinking" button
    Add a "Stop spending money on lasers" button.
    RF Everywhere. Replace Images boardwide.
    Change forums: All topics about retardoface.jpg
    Board title: RetardoFace Heavy Industries.
        "First united Church of the Face and if all else fails, bullets."
        "His impact on the planet is unmistakable, He invented morality. Before that, there was lawless giggling."
        "He Murdered Hepahestus and Forced Aphrodite into sex slavery."
        "Nuclear bombs, Fusion Death Rays, and enriched potting soil. All his doing."
    General RetardoHappyVision(Tm) Chat
        "Everything goes. Unless its not about Retardoface. Seriously, dont make me hurt you."
    FSM is RF's Bitch.
        See title.
        "RF's importance is so great that you must post here in latin less your eyeballs explode. Failing to post in latin may result in any or all of the fallowing: Rapid Eyeball De-pressurization, Clue-by-four application, Ban-hammering."
    LUCKILY I ran out of time and patience trying to update user permissions to allow access to the new boards while keeping existing boards hidden and untouched.

    Well... That being said... I have always believed that if one is to do something stupid one better bring flowers... and be prepared to dodge bullets.

    Drumroll please...

    It lives! Heh. And it now does not require administrative access to create an account.

    Click "register" in the top right. Enter all fields, get the reg email, click the link, post stuff.

    Sadly, I also ran out of time and patience trying to get this damn thing to merge with the Vbulletin user accounts.

    There are rules to using the gallery... Don't hotlink, dont use it for commercial purposes(Ebay image hosting) And finally, I reserve all rights to add/interpret/enforce all rules as I see fit, up to and including locking your account and replacing all images with various un-sundries.

    Don't believe me: One ruffian in the past used his gallery page as a place to host ebay images and I replaced all images in his account with dildos of various shapes and sizes.

    His ebay listing was, in fact, totally awesome. Unfortunately I can not find the screen capture I took that is buried on this computer.

    In short: Happy April 1st!

    PS: The gallery being operational is *not* part of another joke.

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    Damn Spec, that Swedish Chef video is priceless!

    I thought the swedish-chef-speak prank was pretty damn funny, though re-naming all the forums so that they relate to the retardoface would have been good too! (Keep that one in mind for next year!)

    I especially liked this one: "Flying Spaghetti Monster is Retardoface's bitch!" Sure would have been interesting to see what would have been posted in there. (Ever wonder what His noodly appendage was for? Here's your chance to find out!)

    Gallery is looking great. I like the fact that now all your albums appear on one page instead of having to cycle through multiple pages to get to the one you want. Sure is nice to have all those pictures back. Also, new login seems to be working just fine. (cool!)

    I know in general hot-linking is bad, but just to clarify, there's no problems with hot-linking from a gallery image in a post here on PL, is there?

    As for the poor fool that used the gallery for his E-bay images - well, all I can say is that he's lucky you didn't replace his images with pics of the goatse guy! (Or how about 2 girls, 1 cup? Ewww!) Moral of the story: Never piss off a web admin!

    Thanks for all the hard work to get the gallery back, man. Life is good!


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    Default got me

    that was great
    i did not realize till i played joke on my 10 yr old so i logged back on
    cool joke

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    Where did you find the "cheferizer" script, or did you write it yourself? I think it was brilliant; it gave me many good laughs that night.

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    Haha before I read the part about the Dildoes (for those of you Demetri Martin fans "Dil does?") I was assuming you would replace the images with the retardo smiley face... but I guess either one is good

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