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Thread: RGB 2000 and Pangolin Pro for Sale

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    Default RGB 2000 and Pangolin Pro for Sale

    The following equipment is for sale......

    Pangolin LD2000 with QM2000 Board, Live Pro, Lasershow
    Converter FLASH and Lasershow Converter 4D.

    One RGB Laser System, RGB LP2000 1.8 watt white Light laser
    with low hours of use in excellent condition.

    The projector features...
    CT 6210 scanner set
    adjustable output power for each RGB module
    hermetically sealed optical space
    inner modulation for tests
    X/Y size adjustment
    X/Y mirroring and swap

    Manufacturers website.....

    One 30 Meter ILDA data cable and one 10 Meter ILDA
    data cable.
    One Black Laser scrim
    Two Antari Hazers

    We are open to sensible offers, the equipment is Based
    the south coast of the United Kingdom.

    For further information please contact Tim at

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    Just a quick post;

    RGB Laser System is a great manufacturer of.. wel.. RGB Laser Systems

    I've used their CLP1000 and WHITE2000 projectors several times and Hugo Bunk of Laser Image also has a number of WHITE2000 projectors with his own scanner-modules. They're just great!

    Not comparable to any Chinese or DIY-RGB.

    What price do you have in mind for LD2000 Pro?

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