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Thread: I know nothing about lasers, but need help

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    Default I know nothing about lasers, but need help

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forum and find alot of the information overwhelming... I did not know lasers were this intense.

    So here I go.

    I own and operate a mobile dj business and have done very well for 9 years now.

    I want more power out of my basic US lasers 4.9mw that you only can see on a wall. I was thinking of pulling the laser unit out of the light fixture and changing it with a larger one. But, I have no ideal of how about going to do this.

    If you can help - drop me a message... I really would like to try some new things. We recently just went all l.e.d. lighting. Which is alot cleaner then our old basic halogen type lights.

    Thanks again in advance everyone and I hope I can make something worth looking at out of these over priced wall decorations I bought.


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    Hi Mike;

    Welcome to PhotonLexicon! Hope you like it here... We've got lots of experienced members here that can help you with your laser addiction - er, I mean hobby!

    What you are proposing (increasing the power of your laser projector) is problematic because once you go above 5 mw, you are going to need a variance from the CDRH, and you'll need to get your projector certified as well. This is a good amount of paperwork that you'll need to complete.

    We've already discussed this process in detail via PM, but it bears mentioning again here in the forums: Operating a laser show in the US without a variance is illegal. You will be running a serious risk, both to yourself (from a legal standpoint) and to your patrons (from a health standpoint).

    Also, the CDRH, being part of the US FDA, has jurisdiction in all 50 states. So no matter where you go, you'll be violating federal law. And believe me, it's not worth it.

    Still, there is hope. You *can* get a variance, and once you do you'll be legal. Several people here can help you with the process. I've already send you a good dozen links or so to help you get started. If you've got more questions, fire away! I'm sure you'll be able to find the answers here.


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    Like Adam said - it can be done... in fact the first real laser projector I had used an old American DJ Widow with a 150mw 532nm laser in it. I guess thats when I really got hooked

    Is the version you have red or green? A 5mw green laser looks much brighter and can be effective in smaller areas where you would DJ of course fog or Haze is needed! And no variance is needed.


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