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Thread: Dammit eBay...

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    Post Dammit eBay...

    Dammit... Find a good deal on eBay with someone with very little feedback, all buying, and odds are it is a scam... And I fell for it. I know better too.

    50mW Vishao Blue for $455... I knew it was risky so I paid through PP with a credit card, so I am basically covered, but dammit... I really wanted to finally get all analog. I found a nice little trick with teh AVS plugin and my blue is really sticking out. I hate eBay sometimes...
    Love, peace, and grease,

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    Hey Aaron

    Take a look at this post over on the Holography Forum...

    Seems like you're not the only one to get scammed by this guy.


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    I paid through PP with a credit card, so I am basically covered,
    Unfortunately, you are only covered by Paypal, not by your Credit Card guarantee.

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