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Thread: Can Anyone Help me Locate a Manual?

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    Default Can Anyone Help me Locate a Manual?

    I purchased two of these 300mw 30k scanners. They have arrived and I am quite pleased with them, but figuring out the dmx traits is proving to be a huge challenge for me. Of course they did not come with a manual and the one listed on the vendor site is in Chinese and for a different product.

    The internal components are the exact same ones as included in this kit:

    Can anyone help me located an English Language manual or at least the dmx channels? It responds on 12 channels, but I can only pinpoint what three of them actually consistently do. I can't find any manufacturer name, etc. on any of the components. Here are some pictures of the inside of the case:

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    Here's an update. A friend located the manufacturer, and I have emailed them, but who knows if I will have any success. I was hoping someone else might have the same unit and have a manual they could share.

    Here's the laser - top one on the page:

    Here are the scanners - TaraScan/SPII 30k - there is a manual for these.

    And here is the dmx board... no luck on a manual for this one:
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    Wow, that kit has a lot of stuff for only $280. Probably crap, but perfect for someone at home.

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    look at the space inside that box, plenty of room for upgrades
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