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Thread: LBO vs BiBo

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    Any one here have any comments on the sealing/mounting of these little guys? I know they are hygroscopic and are in a nitrogen filled container now. Moisture absortion is one issue. Thermal expansion is another. AX =10.8 X 10-5/K AY =-8.8 X 10-5/K
    AZ =3.4 X 10-5/K . So it would seem that a 2 X 2mm section would have to accept some compression or have a very elaborate mount design. So at least two sides would need to be able to move with it. The issue is that going from storage temps to operating temps{TEC controlled}. Any tips here ? If it ever goes in the cargo hold of an aircraft, things get pretty cold in there at FL35.....around or below some storage limits at some point during a long flight.
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    My 5 watt emerald focus uses LBO, its held in a brass L bracket with copper clips and the optics are designed so that the whole crystal assembly is held inside a 4" cube with a dessicant inside, a AR coated output window and a 1064 OC as the other window, windows have O-rings. a industrial grade dessicant is inside the box.
    Emerald focus uses a 10-25 watt Q switched yag output beam focused inside the LBO, the LBO is thus extracavity.


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