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Thread: Norms' diode driver

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    Talking Norms' diode driver

    I had got one of these recently for a 660nm diode that was in the drawer. I wanted to make an effect wheel to add some zing to the project also. I have got the driver built and it was VERY easy. Only one resistor to find...the load for the diode that you have, all the other parts are in the kit. I did use a nice heatsink for it though. You only need to know the operating current draw of it. It does do analog modulation quite well. It boast's up to 40khz modulation and does TTL as well. It will do well for the project it is going in and should do well in a projector.The newest version will drive diodes of up to 3 amps! It does the job just fine as built from the kit. A good way to get some analog modulation on the cheap! Lots of bang for the $ with this one....I was surprised at how well it works. Thanks to Norm at Ekit for all. I would suggest it for a new twist on things. One afternoon evening and you can be scanning fast with this kit.
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    Yea. I have a couple of those, too. There are some pros and cons as compared to the die4drive. I have used both.

    Pros over Die4Drive
    Allows for higher current
    Can supply higher voltages if needed
    Diode case is very close to ground. Shorting it won't kill the diode.

    Much larger than die4drive
    Runs hotter
    Not as easy to build in kit form. Not offered already built.

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