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    Default Rgb Layout

    can anyone see any problems arising from this type of RGB layout?? i am running into space constraints with the standard layout of most RGB projectors. Also, Dichro alignment i *THINK* may be a little easier on this.

    Has anyone ever used this layout or have any pics/references to such layouts?

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    That set up is what most use. G->R->B, since green is the cheapest and can therfore suffer the most loss. I have my red frist as it was the most powerful when I built my system. I could afford t lose more of it than my green. Now I wish I have doen it the other way with freen first as I have too much of it...
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    My projector is a crazy way round with blue first then green and red last. The reasons for this are simply for layout - I have very little room inside my projector as anyone who has seen it will vouch. Also some time ago I tested edmunds dichros and did some work to see which arrangement works best for overall power loss. The results were quite interesting and meant that overall there was little in it between all combinations. I must dig the results out and post them.
    All this work has however gone out of the window to some degree with the introduction of Laserwaves dichros. They blow EO away not only on price but performance. The biggeset advantage is that they are not very sensitive to angular position - EO ones are very pointy - get them off 45 degrees by only a small amount and the transmission and reflection figures go crazy. The blue reflect EO dichro is crazy and works best when at 90 degrees to the beam - at 45 you get quite a big loss which is one reason why I dont use it in my layout. The only downside of the LW dichros is that they only really permit one layout configuration. That said they are so good that I have very seriously considered ripping the optical platform on my laser and reworking it to allow me to use them! Another advantage is they are very slim in the order of 1mm which is a bonus.
    A projector with LW dichros would be green blue and red - so for me it would mean a swap of blue and green - sounds easy - I wish
    Marc I will se about finding my results and letting you know how much you should loose in that configuration

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