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Thread: Laser Osiliscope

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    Question Laser Osiliscope

    I am sure I spelled that wrong.

    I know Pangolin's Winamp AVS plug in will let you draw a scope. I would like to know if there is a hardware solution where you input an analog signal, say music, to your scanners and have them scan the exact waveform of the analog signal... Is there a product out there, and if not, can it be made? In a perfect world it would be able to modulate color in some way also. I would basically like to find something to replace the computer that only does an osiliscope on the projector. And yes it is an obsession.
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    You would need a sawtooth waveform on horizontal, being blanked during the falling part of the waveform ( /|/|/| <-- blank here). Then put your analog signal into the vertical channel. It would be nice to sync your input signal to the sawtooth so you could have a stable display.

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    You could do it very cheaply with one mirror mounted onto a speaker and the other mounted onto a motor shaft.

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