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    Hi All

    I finally got round to getting the replacement galvos for my CR laser super 1 tuned, after the last ones just died (second set and laser number 4!!)

    well the galvos arrived and where apparently pre-tuned, well as you can see by the first photo, I think tuned may have been a little of an exaggeration.

    So anyway a friend of mine, showed me how to tune them, all fine apart from instead of being scanco 20`s all we could get out of them was 12k.

    Now to make matters worse, my diode has also been pumping out 2 beams instead of the one!!! (sorry about the quality of the second pic, also at 12k my camera couldn`t catch the whole image)

    also one other thing, he cleaned my lens and mirrors and was very surprised that the ring around the diode, didn`t have a lens and also was glued on with lots of glue.

    so its a call to the uk supplier tomorrow,
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