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Thread: Has anyone dealt with Spacelas?

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    Default Has anyone dealt with Spacelas?

    I have been offered some excellent prices from a company in China and am very tempted to order. However, they want to only do T/T transfer. I have bought from China in the past with good results, but always through an intermediary such as, etc.

    Has anyone dealt with SpaceLas before? They are listed in alibaba,, etc.

    Their web site is here:

    These are the prices: (All use CNI Diodes)

    RGB500mW : USD1400 / set with 30K scanner
    RGB600mW : USD1600 / set with 30K scanner
    RGB1000mW : USD2200 / set with 30K scanner


    RGB500mW : USD2700 / set with 30K scanner
    RGB600mW : USD3200 / set with 30K scanner
    RGB800mW : USD4500 / set with 30K scanner
    RGB1000mW : USD5000 / set with 30K scanner
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    Default Deal With Spacelas

    i have actually ordered and got the spb30k scanner from spacelas and have another order on the way for a greennie 200mw with analogue mod from them. products very good and quite reasonable pricing. i also have to say that Sam is very very helpful with problems you may have and the after sales support in general is superb!!!

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