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    Default One More Question

    ok, i lied...theyll probably be TONS more dumb questions but-

    im having some REALLY tough times trying to align everything on my projector. as most of you are aware, im trying the adjustable stages route. between that, the dichros and one of the MM1 mirrors (from the red down to green) the adjustments are just BEYOND ridiculous.

    if i just put the lasers onto the steel baseplate (NOT aluminum) will i have more of an issue with heat dissipation?? i know i will have to shim here and shim there...but i honestly think thats going to be MUCH more practical than trying to adjust 3 stages, 2 dichros and an MM1 mount.

    i will NEVER NEVER NEVER use a pre-drilled projector again. this is causing more trouble than its worth and for the love of G-D....
    LASER MANUFACTURERS.......PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD....PLEASE MAKE YOUR BEAM HEIGHTS THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or as close to the same as possible)

    ill tell ya, the white on this IS gorgeous though!! and this is supposed to be around 500mW. this is SERIOUSLY probably pushin close to 800-900mW.

    Viasho is WAY over powered and Laserwave is WAY over!!! (safely)

    lasever is 300 and prob pretty close to that.


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    I have a different thickness aluminum plates. When I need to raise one laser up I calculate what is needed and then I cut spacers.
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    A while back one of the fellows mentioned that he made his spacers at angle so that the beam was pointing very slightly upward. So, by moving the laser back and forth he was able to change the height at which the laser hit the mirror. I thought that was a very clever idea.

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    Default A level playing field ?


    Are all three manuf. at different level of beam CL ?? Adjustabillity is nice...
    but the goal is to get all three beams in the same nearfield and forget would be good too !!! I did not go with adjustable platform....did not need to as both Lasevers are equal.The Maxyz plate does inc. adjustabllity via compressed hard rubber washers ....+/- 1mm. I was thinking the higher you go with the platforms...the more lateral flex you may likely better to keep things as low as possible. Maybe have fine threaded rod on your tables would make adjustment better ?
    I would stick with Aluminum....due the weight factor....and no rust....and yes = NO to predrilled boards.

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