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    gents (and ladies)-

    im trying to install the disk that came with the FB3 eval cd. im putting it on a fresh windows XP install of a dell laptop and its as if the programs arent even installing. am i missing something here?

    put the disk in and nothing pops up for it to install. ok, good enough. i go to windows explorer and double click the "LIVE Q" program and the
    "editing workspace: "LIVEQ.SWS" window pops up but thats it. does the software need to install with the hardware actually wired up??

    also, the other programs on the disk just cause errors upon installing. in the LA studio folder i tried-

    shrider, abstrct and draw3d and all of them just cause the famous, "This program has performed an illegal operation and needs to shut down...yadda yadda yadda..."

    its like none of this is actually being installed. its just running off of the disk. am i just doing something stupid here? i read the PDF's that came with the unit and im not seeing any answers to my issues here...


    and i dont have the samba program?? am i losing my mind or somethin???


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    Create a directory on your hard drive and copy LiveQ to it. Then run it... The first time LiveQ is run it creates some folders and files.. And a cd is read only so LiveQ is unhappy The same goes for LA studio, run it from your HDD

    edit: LiveQ is Samba, just renamed to avoid confusion with Mamba
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