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Thread: Sync to music, can I do this with the FB3 kit?

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    Default Sync to music, can I do this with the FB3 kit?

    I sold my crappy iShow software and dac and now need to get something a bit better.

    I believe I have it narrowed down to Mamba Black and EasyLase (or MediaLas usb box) or the Pangolin FB3 kit. I downloaded the demo of Mamba 1.9 and it is awesome, easy to use, etc. I wish Pangolin would allow a demo of the Showrider app in the FB3 kit so I could compare.

    I do a Christmas light show synchronized to music using LightOrama software to control christmas lights via their own controllers and dmx via the LightOrama dmx converter. The built in patterns in my laser projectors are too limited, so I need to progam a show for the projectors to the same music, save that to a controller, then trigger it via dmx when I want it to play. The Lightorama software plays the music and supplies the dmx control, I just need to play the laser show.

    So, I was hoping Mamba and FB3 users could answer a couple of questions. I have read everything I can find on the forum and a few things seem unclear.

    1) Can you sync to music using the software with FB3 (Showrider?) in the same way as with Mamba?

    2) Medialas mentions on their site that their usb dac has a dmx port. Can it be used standalone with a stored show triggered by dmx like the FB3?
    The low cost USB interface for all Mamba software versions. Fast data rate up to 8 MBit/s. Output speed up to 100,000pps ILDA. Standard ILDA connector, seriell interface for options, and additional hardware DMX port.
    3) Does anyone own MediaLas hotboard2 dmx control board? Can you tell me anymore about it. Will it let me store the show created in Mamba then play it back via dmx trigger like the FB3?

    Thanks a million for any info you can give me. If Pangolin would simply offer a demo of LAStudio without laser control I could answer a lot of these questions for myself. I hear the Showrider is great, but without trying it out I am antsy, given how much I like the Mamba...
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    If you attend SELEM 2008, you'll be able to see the Mamba Black software running side-by-side with the LA Studio software. (I own both.)

    You'll also be able to see several systems running Pangolin's LD-2000 software, and you may even see a couple systems running Full Auto, Laserboy, and possibly some other software as well.

    You can sync a show to music using the LA Studio software. MlipTack posted a How-to guide on this, but I can't put my fingers on it at the moment. Might want to send him a PM and ask about it. (Also, several of our UK members are running LA Studio - they may be able to offer more advice.)


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