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Thread: For C/C++ developers.

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    Cool For C/C++ developers.

    One of the coolest free things I ever got was this:


    This is how I got LaserBoy to work in Windows!

    I installed the whole package, including the GCC compiler. Then I used the program's own online updater to install the SDL libraries. Total no-brainer!

    Now I can develop truly generic code! The same exact stuff compiles in Linux!
    (And anywhere else GCC lives)

    The source code for LaserBoy comes with the dev file and, generated by Dev-C++.


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    Cool Further alianating of myself, even from my alies...

    C# stinks.

    It is rotting fruit from a dieing tree.

    Look at Vista.

    There is a reason why I now say that GNU GCC is the best compiler collection on Earth. It is not my opinion. It is reality. Look it up.

    Just about EVERY other OS in use in the world today, beside MS, is built with GNU GCC or heavily provided with applications built with it.

    Now THAT is a world standard! (for humans)

    I will BLOG-MY-BUTT-OFF to help anyone get into it.

    Please look at Dev-C++; even if you are not a programmer. It is beautiful! It is FREE! It is GNU GCC for Windows... AND, with SDL, it is GNU GCC for everything.....

    including..... of course..... LaserBoy.

    If you are a programmer, doesn't it sound nice to be able to write code for "computers" ?

    Even if you don't read code now, follow along. It's not THAT freaky.

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    You can also try out the Eclipse IDE for GCC.
    I havent set it up personally yet, but i am going to.

    this IDE can do PHP, JAVA, CPP, etc...
    Also has built in Subversion support

    edit: also check out wxWidgets for cross compatible GUI' s

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