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Thread: Need power supply for 250mw Green CNI Diode

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    Default Need power supply for 250mw Green CNI Diode

    My new RGB projector arrived today and the power supply for the green diode is not working. I checked with a meter and there is ac power in, but nothing out. It worked prior to being shipped, but that was on 220v power and nothing here on 110v.

    At any rate, I have the oem power supply as in the photo below. Rather than paying shipping from China and waiting over a week, does anyone have a source for one of these in the US? It is for a 250mw green diode.

    If you have a source, please let me know so I can get a replacement on the way.
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    Any 5 volt power supply capable of delivering enough current should work. A spare PC power supply would be ideal. Barring that, you could snag one from Digikey or Mouser. Just be sure it's capable of delivering enough current. (Those two I linked to above are rated for 8 amps, which should be enough.)


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