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Thread: Laser power fall-off with age

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    Default Laser power fall-off with age

    Does anyone know the typical fall off you can expect with a laser's age? I have several lasers and have been running them regularly for about a year or so.

    Does the output power decay slowly, or rapidly at the end of life?

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    Are you talking about an ion laser, a direct injection diode, or a DPSS laser?

    Ion lasers will fade gradually with time, assuming that you run them regularly to keep their pressure in line.

    Direct injection diodes normally run at very close to original power right up until they die.

    DPSS lasers can fade as they age, but if they're made well this won't be a drastic change. I've seen cheap DPSS lasers that have lost 30% of their power in as little as 500 hours of operation, while others are still making within a couple percent of maximum after over 1000 hours of operation. It all depends on how well the laser was constructed.


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