I was just looking through a book that has a chapter on galvos written by Montagu of General Scanning fame.

Laser Beam Scanning
Edited by Gerald F. Marshall
Marcel Dekker, Inc
New York New York
ISBN 0-8247-7418-3

In it is a table of specifications for G120D and G325D.

I will not reproduce the G325D table, but the
G120 table looks like this

Step Response for angular step (milliseconds)

mirror face 7x7 mm
mirror thickness 1 mm
inertia with mount 0.016 gm-cm^2
rotor inertia 0.023 gm-cm^2

Degrees condition A condition B condition C
1' .50 .50 -
5' .55 .57 1.0
10' .63 .75 1.1
15' .70 .95 1.1
20 .80 1.1 1.1

with closed loop integrating amplifier

A settled accuracy or error 1% of step angle
B settled accuracy or error 75 arcsec
c settled accuracy or error 0.1% of step angle

Besides publishing the ILDA specificationb for your scanner, please publish a table
similar to above. Take the measurements off your position sensor if you have to

Thanks Steve Roberts