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Thread: Second update to Free Ilda File Viewer

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    Default Second update to Free Ilda File Viewer

    Dear All

    Thanks again for the feedback and below is a list of the features suggested and added, my apologies for not getting this posted sooner but I have been busy with work, the new blue laser we are developing and the new laser software we are writing, I will post some pictures of the new blue laser at some point as we are now achieving 3 watts @ nm, it is a new design and hopefully we can produce it at an affordable cost, also when we have a demo version of the new software I will post that also.

    Features suggested and added to ILDA File Viewer:

    1:Colour palette can now be changed and is applied to file being viewed without having to play file (select file to be viewed and select colour palette).

    2:Implemented following file reading for colour palette and all palettes applied as per specification(ILDA reads 16 , 24 and 32 bit structure) (Pangolin reads 16 and 32 bit structure) (X29 reads 8 bit structure)
    also added bounds checking for ILDA files that do not conform to ILDA spec.

    3:File search now lists all files found numerically first then in alphabetical order there after, rather than the sequence they were found, the files are listed by found directory name and then the files contained therein, they are then sorted into numerical file names first then alphabetical names after. (New sort routine added)

    4: Default ILDA files directory also now sorts files saved to that directory in numerical order first then alphabetical.

    5:Multiple file selection when Save implemented, this allows user to hold down shift key select first file they wish to save in list and then select last file they want to save while holding down the shift key(scroll bar can be used to scroll to bottom of list if desired), if the Yes option is selected all files selected are saved in alphabetical order to default ILDA directory, also implemented routine so that the selected files can be saved individually by selecting the "No" option from the message displayed when file save initialized, to individual directories for each selected file.

    6:Auto search and sort implemented for default ILDA directory, this feature automatically sorts the ILDA directory into alphabetical order when preview files implemented ( if files have been added outside of the file search and convert program, they are now sorted into order for viewing when the view function is implemented).

    If anyone has any more suggestions please email me: and I will add them as soon as possible, also if anyone is interested and this is available for free I have a media player we wrote that is threaded and runs happily in the background (unlike the Windows one) that will play most types of media file and allow for sorting and searching so that the user can manage their media files more effectively, if there is interest in this please let me know and I can either email it or post it on the forum.

    All the best

    Laser Electronics Ltd.
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