Hi all,

As some of you know, there is a built-in bitmap tracer in LD2000, and also the TraceIT utility that we give away for free to all Pangolin users.

In addition to these two bitmap tracers, we are starting to investigate a new bitmap tracing technique, which should be as easy to use as the tracer built into LD2000, but should be able to handle sophisiticated bitmaps like those handled by TraceIT.

If you have some example bitmaps that you would like to send to us for evaluation, I will trace them for you. This is a kind of win-win scenario. You win by getting your bitmap traced (into lets say ILDA format), and we win by getting to see the kind of bitmaps that people will be using.

Please contact me privately (using the Contact form on the Pangolin web site, or my email address if you have it), if you are interested in participating.

Best regards,

William Benner