Hey folks!

I've got some good news! We've got extra door prizes! Bridge from LaserWave has agreed to send us 2 dichro kits. Each kit has a pair of dichros (one that reflects blue and passes green and red, and one that reflects blue and green and passes red). So a single kit contains the two dichros you need for an RGB system. We'll have 2 kits to give away!

Also, Bridge agreed to include a couple green laser pointers as well. So those will go into the door prize drawing as well.

Of course, we'll also have the ScanPro20 scanner set and the ScanPro40 scanner set to give away, courtesy of Lasershowparts.com. And we'll also have the raffle for the 200 mw CNI DPSS blue laser. (Details on that to come later this week.)

So mark you calenders, and get signed up for SELEM 2008 now. It's going to be a great event!