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Thread: DXF to ILDA with ACI color support.

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    Default DXF to ILDA with ACI color support.

    Is there a such a thing?. I know Anarchy imports DXF but I'm not sure about colors. Also there are few other converters but they only do b/w. If someone can make DXF to ILDA with ACI color support. This would be great.
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    What is ACI color support?

    LaserBoy opens DXF and it uses the real, standard DXF palette. You can save it as ILDA with the DXF palette preceding the vectors, like it should be, or convert the colors to the closest ones found in the default ILDA palette. You can also save ILDA as DXF.

    I just made a 3D dodecahedron frame! My brother made it in Pro E. He couldn't figure out how to export it as a simple DXF line drawing, so he exported it as VRML or some such thing. Anyway it was in plain text, just like DXF. So I found the set of 20 vertices and hand wrote a DXF file. It opened right up in LaserBoy!

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