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Thread: New To Group - LASERWORKS galvo question

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    Question New To Group - LASERWORKS galvo question

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the group, although I have been lurking for a while and learned lots of good info!

    I have an old projector with Laserworks galvos & Laserworks AMPS. Everything works great except the blanking. The amps are SA-1002-C from 1991. Does anyone have the spec sheet or manual for these amps? The potentiometers are not labeled and I cannot tune them. The X & Y amps are tuned well...the Z blanking is just messed up. I spoke to the guys at Laserworks and they no longer have any documentation.

    I got the projector in trade for about $500 in used audio/dj gear - 2 klipsch kp 3002 speakers and a cheap american dj light. It's an alc60x mounted in an skb 12 space rack with interlocks, motor actuated diffraction grating, X Y Z amps & PS for amps mounted in a card cage and a RED HeNe mixed in through a dichro. The Omnichrome PS is external with umbilical. No means for color modulation, although the red has a separate ON/OFF switch.

    I don't know the speed of the galvos...but it came with LaserMax 3.0 and LaserMax DAC ISA card installed in a pc with the dongle, software CD and manual. The graphics look ok except for the lack of blanking. Was it a good deal for $500 in old gear? The ALC is putting out over 100mw blue/green/purple last time I checked with my coherent lasercheck.

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer!

    Eric in New Orleans
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    Hi Eric!

    Welcome to PhotonLexicon. Always nice to see new members.

    From your description of the laser projector, I'd say that you got a good deal. It's older technology, that's for sure, but that 60X and PSU is worth a good $300 on E-bay all by itself. Add in all the other goodies, and I'd say that you came out on top of the deal.

    As for the specifics of how to tune your galvos, I really don't know. I will say that a picture is worth a thousand words, though! Take some photos of the inside of the projector (and especially the scanner amps) and post them here in the forums. Someone may recognize them and be able to help.

    As for color modulation, yeah - I'm not sure that it's worth spending 4 figures on a PCAOM for that rig... If you're not looking to do graphics, you might consider a color box that uses flag filters... (Better than nothing at all.)

    Are you planning on using that projector commercially, to add laser effects to your DJ gigs? Because if so, you'll need a variance for it from the CDRH first. Just thought I'd ask...


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    give them a call and ask for Selwyn, he can probably help you.


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