Hi all!
First of all I have to say a huge "thank you" to Adam (Buffo). He given me a great help when answering (very patient guy...) to my questions. Thanks Mate!

Well... as I am a novice of this wonderful PL Forum, I want to share with all of you my small... satisfactions...
So I attach here some photos of my last... performance, while a Dancing Party was. I taken them at the beginning of the party, when room was empty. It would have been too difficult with all people around...

All of you can laugh in advance... Don't spit over your monitor's screen, please. I'm kidding....

Devices you can see are the followings (from left side to right side):
- 200(150-170 effective) mw green, 20kpps DMX/ILDA controlled
- 350 mw (effective) RGY (250R/650+100G) 45kpps ILDA controlled
- 150 mw (effective) RGY (100R/650+50G) step motors DMX controlled
- 75 mw (effective) green, step motors DMX controlled.
Software is "Showeditor 2007" (practically it's the "clone" of "He-Laserscan") from Laserworld-Germany. DAC I used run as Lumax.

There are two 250W scanners also (DMX controlled). Room was around 120-140 sq. meters and I used (not often) two smoke machines (500W each).
I also have a 64-66mW (effective) red at 632,8nm Helium-Neon gas tube....It works great, but it is not useful for my beamshows (too much long... 110 cm!)
I apologize for quality of photos, but I'm not a photographer...
That's all Mates!