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Thread: Problem with Galvo

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    Default Problem with Galvo

    Hello everybody. I have a problem with my one galvo on the Terrascan system from medialas. When i tried to output ilda test from Mamba through Medialas DAC everything looks OK, but with minimum scale (-95). And when i tried to maximize picture, one galvo (X axis) go out from limits and cut off.
    With other galvo everithing is OK.

    Can anybody help me with it?

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    How wide is your scan angle when you are projecting at -95? (If you are unsure how to calculate this angle, here is a good reference site.) Also, what scan speed are you running?

    It may be that you are trying to scan too wide, and the x galvo is cutting off on thermal overload. This is very common with the DT-40 series of scanners; they have a built-in thermal switch that shuts the scanner off if you overdrive it. (It will reset itself if you turn the power off and back on again.) Some other scanner designs incorporate the same thermal switch, so if your set has one, this may be what is happening.

    On the other hand, if your scan angle is low (and within the abilities of the scanner for that speed), then you may have a bad bearing that is dragging on the rotor, causing the scanner to draw excess current. Or it could be that there is a problem with the scanner amp itself. It's hard to say without knowing the scan angle and speed that you are projecting at.


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    I tried to run it at 12000 pps @ 20. I changed the galvos place and the problem is remain for X galvo. it means that is not amplifiers problem.

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