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Thread: RGY lasers and mixing colors

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    Default RGY lasers and mixing colors

    How do RGY lasers mix red and green to make yellow? Can you mix beams with mirrors alone or is other equipment necessary (dichro)? Could someone point me to some diagrams?

    More so could someone direct me to the formals and charts to figure out how mixing what laser beam in a certain color and power results in what output?

    Thank you.
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    Hello Q

    the only thing you need to mix colours is a mirror that reflects one on the colours you wish to mix and passes the other (and a menas of holding that morror). As you pointed out these mirrors are dichros and are sold by a number of sources to mix the common laser wavelengths. Regarding the ratios of mixing - there are not any formulas that I am aware of but there are some generally accepted rules of thumb and this article may enlighten you some.
    Though it refers to RGB lasers if you ingore blue references you should be able to get an idea how much of each power you will need. As a guide my RGB pojector has aout 350mW of red at 660nm and about 90-100 of green (532) and the yellows and oranges I get from that are nice.

    Hope it helps


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