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    I just remembered that I have a few photos on my cell phone of a projector I helped tweek up a bit last month. Sorry for the poor quality pics! As you can see, its about as basic as it gets. The laser is a Lexel 95 ColorPro. The laser was outputting only about a watt when I got there, we walked the optics around and managed to get it up to about 1.8W. Which is still very low, according to the log book, when first purchased, it was doing about 3.2W. The hour meter on the thing was cute, its stuck at 999.9 hours! Looking at the log book, they hit 999.9 hours in 2004 I think it was. It probably has closer to 5000 hours by now. If you look, you can also see that they cut a hole in the dome for this projector! Only other thing in the projector are 2 mm-1's, a pcaom and a 6800 scan head. Plenty of room in the projector for other goodies, but oh well.
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    Check mirros for any discoloration where beam hit it. If you see any then you will need to replace it. Long time ago we had to do the same for SP Cromo5 to make it work again. Before it was making about 1w and after the repair it was making close to 4.5w.
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