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Thread: blueray diodes and rohm diodes

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    Default blueray diodes and rohm diodes

    Hi guys, I have found some surplus stock I am selling it might come in useful for someone who wants to experiment with lower power diodes, all diodes are new there are three blueray diodes still in there holders and 13 rohm diodes the same type that the doctor was selling in fact these are the ones I purchased from him I am not going to go into details about the diodes as there is a wealth of information to be had here on (PL) to save messing around I am selling the whole lot in one go for a cheap price just to get them out of the way as much fun as the lower power diodes were I have moved up a couple of gears and I am now messing around with laser crystals and pump diodes I hope to start making my own laser systems in the up and coming months a great hobby but an expensive one.
    Anyway I am selling the whole lot for 65 if anyone is intrested

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