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Thread: using mamba and dmx software

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    Default using mamba and dmx software

    Is there a way of getting mamba to work along side a dmx program?
    I would like to use mamba for my laser and then a dmx program to run to rest of my stage lighting... but obviously they both need to be in sync to music with each other!!


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    Hi Robin,

    I would like something very similar.

    I have noticed that the USB/DAC for Mamba Black does mention DMX and I know some of their new lasers have an SD card in them and DMX in/out so shows can be controlled by DMX. The Medialas USB-Box V3 has Pin 11 as DMX+ and Pin 24 as DMX- on the ILDA connector and states it has 192 DMX output channels. I am afraid I do not know anymore than that.
    What you could do is use a Midi device to trigger the Laser shows, this can be done in Live Player and use a DMX console or computer controlled DMX system that has Midi in and assign the same trigger to both. I am assuming that the Midi signals can be sent to two laptops at the same time or can be read by two applications on one laptop. Again I am afraid I do not know more than what I have put here.
    Not sure how long you can have a midi cable or the ILDA cable as that would be a concern because I certainly do not want to be on the stage when the band is performing. Maybe some one on this forum could advise on maximum cable lengths.

    The problem I have is I have DMX/DACs for my lasers that have an SD card to store the shows, but they require the shows to be in ILDA format. As you are most probably aware, you cannot get Mamba to output you whole show as an ILDA file, it will only output the individual frames you have created, not any of the modified frames in the show. Which means I can't save my completed shows in ILDA format to play from the SD card. Grrr. Which means I have to draw each frame required and then save all the individual frames.
    Or I have to use 2 laptops to perform the show, one for the lighting and one for the lasers, as you have sync problems start

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