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Thread: Can I get a real idiots guide to RGY please?

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    Default Can I get a real idiots guide to RGY please?


    I have a mind to venture beyond green and have acquired an analogue red (660nm) and green (532nm) with a mind to experimenting with an RGY setup.

    Can I get some help on what I need to combine the beams. I figure I need a dichroic and mount, but could use some help with what type, where to get these from, and exactly how to use them?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Life's all very green at the moment!

    Many thanks


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    but to answer the question you need a dichro that reflects one of the colours and passes the other - I know that sounds obvious but it wont be to everyone reading this.
    You will need the beams coming in at close to the same height as each other (closer the better) and at 90 degrees to one and other. One laser will go right through the dichro and the other will bounce off the coated surface and track along the same beam path. An adjustable mount will allow you to set the far field alignment - a full description of how to align a pair of lasers can be found in my alignment guide pdf here -

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