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Thread: Free Video surveillance

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    Default Free Video surveillance

    I was wondering is there a free video surveillance software. Windows/Lunix it is doesn't matter! I have 4 old capture cards and 4 CCDs which I'm plaining to use for this project.... plus some old 1.7 P4.
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    Hi Doc ....

    I have been using Cam Wizard for the last 2 years until a couple of months ago i bought a 4 chan HD recorder

    Cam Wizard is excelent .... you can download a free working shareware version 30 day trial ( which i did ) then buy the full version for $39.99 (which i did as it was great )

    the software has everything, 4 cams ,
    you can view over the internet,
    it can send you email alerts with images,
    you can set up motion zones on each camera so it will only alarm if someone moves into a certain area,

    i had 2 of these 4 chan capture cards but found them unreliable .... this was due to the BT488 driver software for the cards, ..... they would work for a while then lock-up unless you are spending $1000s on official cards, the drivers wont work properly and most drivers availble on the internet are just poorly hacked versions

    But this is where the guy that wrote the Cam Wizard software has scored .... as he has totaly re-written the driver for these cards ... and i can say its solid and reliable and works and its only $10 and all the software is downloadable

    heres the links
    cam wizzard

    and the driver software ( read the explanation about the cheap capture cards)

    hope this helps ... all the best ... Karl

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    I will second the webcam XP thats what I have used to stream my live lasershow cam in the past and the pro version has the movment detection and pan and tilt control via web etc etc.
    Cheap and a doddle to setup and use

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