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Thread: How to compile LaserBoy on a Mac

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    Post How to compile LaserBoy on a Mac

    I did this the other day, thought I might post in case it is helpful to anyone.

    1. Install XCode on your Mac if you haven't already (its on your Mac OS X install CD, scroll down if you dont see it)

    2. Install SDL Libraries from
    Go to the address above, go to download section. Download Runtime Libraries and Development Libraries. Follow directions in the read me files, each download goes in a different location.

    3. Download the latest version of LaserBoy from
    (click on the LaserBoy text at the top to downlod)

    -Open Xcode and go to File > New Project...
    -Expand "Application" section
    -Scroll down and select "SDL Application"
    -Name the project (LaserBoy qill do), you can also specify a location for the project folder here.
    -Once your project is created delete "main.c" and select the "also move to trash" option.
    -Open the LaserBoy folder you downloaded
    -Open the "src" folder and copy all files except "_laserboy.cpp" into Xcode. Drop them right on the project name that appears in the "Groups & Files" section.
    -click on "Add" in the popup window, dont worry about the options
    -click "Build and Go"

    And there is LaserBoy, but dont get excited quite yet. Quit the application for now. If it doesnt disappear from your dock, you have to force quit it (command + option+ esc). This is a known bug that you will run into everytime you try to quit LaserBoy

    The actual .app program is located in the project folder under build>Debug. The project folder is in your home (user) directory if you didn't specify a location earlier.

    Take the .app program and place it in the LaserBoy folder you downloaded earlier. Then run it from there. The program will save or open files from the various folders contained in the LaserBoy folder.



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    Thanks for putting this together!

    I have no idea what it's all about. I've never really used a Mac.

    That "known bug" is bumming me out!

    Now I have some really weird issues with opening wave files into LaserBoy.

    I've looked at my code backwards and forwards for typical memory issues, like not deleting new mem or deleting mem I didn't get new, leaving files open, closing fstreams that aren't open, etc...

    I have at least two job related projects in my way (that I'm not working on right now) before I can dedicate days-in-a-row programming attention to LaserBoy again.

    moan moan moan.....


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