I have been asked by a friend if I can provide some laser effects at a function at a hotel. I decided to contact the hotel and speak with the health & safety people, just to see if there was anything special I needed to do beforehand with regards to providing lasers at the function.

I already have a fully comprehensive risk assessment that can be easily tailored to this specific venue. I also have P.A.T. test certificates for all the electrical gear and will soon have adequate Public Liability Insurance. However, in addition to the risk assessment etc., they also require a method statement.

Does anyone have any experience of writing a method statement for this type of venue? Or can anyone give any advice as to how I should go about writing a method statement specifically for a 'one off' laser show (no audience scanning involved!). I pretty much thought I had covered everything regarding health and safety in my risk assessment.

I've trawled the web trying to find information but am unable to turn anything up that relates to what amounts to a one (or two) man lasershow. Everything I find seems to over complicate things, surely it can't be that difficult - can it

Help... Anyone...